India is called the land of a billion people….we see it as the land of a billion dreams. Making these dreams happen is the SkillNet journey.

The Opportunity

In an increasingly connected world, we have moved from national horizons to global horizons, with globalised capital flows and trade in goods and services. Skill Development is at the very core of this shift. "Skills" are global currency for globalizing world – akin to Gold & Oil !!!

If Skills are the global currency, then India is the lead Banker. With expected 47 million surplus manpower in India by 2020, “if adequately skilled”, India can alone fulfill the entire skilled labour deficit of the developed world. But is India geared to leverage this opportunity? Are the various stakeholders in the Indian Skill Development Ecosystem ready for a concerted and orchestrated Skill Development effort?

The Problem

The reality is that each stakeholder operates in their own silo, disconnected with the rest of the stakeholders. How many times have we heard the Industry being accused of being too “business centric”. Or the Academia “not capable of understanding the needs on the industry”. The social sector and the communities are often left to survive on the largesse offered by corporate India.

At the core of this disconnected and fragmented ecosystem is the individual – a student in one of the thousands of Engineering Colleges and Business Schools aspiring to enter the corporate world, or a graduate looking for direction, or a rural youth looking out for a livelihood to support his family - all hoping to be a part of this great economic boom that is India. Yet, the fruits of the economic boom seem to elude a vast majority of these youth.

While our context has changed, it’s how we understand our context that has to change too. A new paradigm needs to be evolved in response to the continued evolution of the industry and its need for skills.

The Solution

At SkillNet, we believe that there are underutilized opportunities associated with each of the stakeholder in the Skill Development ecosystem. We believe that leveraging the linkages between the various stakeholders, and exploring synergies between the stakeholders will create the new paradigm – a WIN – WIN for all stakeholders involved.

This new paradigm is the SkillNet Ecosystem.


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